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Building Healthy Relationships

Who is the course for? This is a great course that prepares you to become more effective in caring for people in your life.

It is a fresh approach from Biblical Hebrew and Greek giving hope and practical tools to change hurtful patterns and restore wounded relationships. You will come to understand, amongst other things, why we struggle with intimacy, the underlying cause for fear, intimidation, control and even domestic abuse. You will learn what the Bible says about relationships with God and each other, the hope and solution God offers and how to help heal the wounds of the heart.

Course content and format
The course includes:
Longings of the heart
Communicating – God’s design
Grief and Mourning
Fear – based relationships Identifying Strongholds
Anger – A Biblical View Shame and guilt in scripture
God’s Family Plan
Love - based relationships
Love and submission
Conflict resolution
Upcoming Course Dates

To sign up or for further information email: hello@cthree.org or tel on 01223 844415.