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Baptisms at C3

We love baptisms at C3! We love supporting believers as they declare publicly through baptism “I have decided to follow Jesus!” 

We hold baptism services throughout the year. For those interested in being baptised, these are accompanied by our baptism class which runs in the weeks leading up to Baptism Sunday. The class is open to anyone who is interested in finding out more about baptism at C3;  we explore the who, how and when of baptism and give opportunity for people to ask any questions they may have.
If you are interested in learning more about being baptised, then we recommend you attend our Discovery Tack, the first step in our Growth Path series. This course will teach you more about our values and vision here at C3. If you have questions about the Christian faith, why not consider attending one of our Alpha courses?

If you would like to be baptised at our next baptism service, please fill in the form below, one of our team will be in touch.