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Community Market

Food is so important, we all have to eat! You might be in a position where you’re cutting the amount of food you buy or what you buy, or alternatively you might have received a great redundancy package, either way, you’re entitled to access our Love Your Shop which is exclusive access for those affected financially by covid 19. Don’t wait till you’re in ‘need’ of support, come access the shop now and save the money you have for later.

Click HERE to apply for access to the shop


Finding Employment

Looking for a new job can be unsettling and overwhelming for us all, especially in the midst of a pandemic! We have trained teams providing online CV coaching, interview practise and employment support sessions and 1:1’s.

Why not come along to the free sessions, meet some people who can help and will encourage you to get that dream job!

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Money advice

Money takes up so much of our thoughts and can be the cause of so much anxiety! Learning some tips on money handling, budgeting and how to make your money work for you could just be the thing that helps during this season.

Our trained team run online sessions that provide free, practical help to get you on the road to financing your life.

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Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is so important for each of us, and it's so important to find ways to keep our minds healthy. There has been lots going on in 2020 maybe one of these courses or sessions could help keep your mind healthy and ready for the next season.

Spiritual input

We are a church who loves to help, but we also believe in a God who loves us all. Can we pray for you as you navigate this season?

Enter your prayer request below and know that someone will be praying for you.

We are so excited to be launching our pop-up shop to help keep the costs of food low and to support our local community during these unique times.
Being unemployed can be hard to deal with on your own, but being part of a job club means you can face the challenge with others.
The CAP Money course gives you a practical way of sticking to your budget by building a workable system that helps you take control of your money.