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Resourcing Pastoral Carers

Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course

Our Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course enables participants to develop their understanding of pastoral care from a Christian perspective and to become more effective in relating to and caring for the people and communities around them.

This course is for:

  • Those who see themselves helping others informally in their daily relationships and who desire to learn more about pastoral care generally, without being part of a pastoral care team.
  • Those who may be members of a pastoral care team and who desire to learn more about pastoral care, in order to help others both informally and formally.
  • Those in church leadership or who have specific church roles and who desire to develop their awareness of pastoral care in order to support those for whom they have responsibility.
  • Those who wish to help others in specific community and workplace settings and desire to learn more about pastoral care in outreach and mission.
  • Those who desire to explore a calling to pastoral care.

Our 2019 course has already started, but the next course is planned for 2020 so please check back here closer to the time.