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The church we see is Christ Centred, Cause Driven and Community Focused

The church we see is large! We see a church with thousands of adults and children. The church is bursting with life, with hundreds of initiatives and departments focused on changing lives, changing our community and changing the perception of church.

The church we see has a strong sense of family. Family is engendered through a network of small groups across the city and the region beyond.

The church we see is passionate. Meetings are hallmarked with exuberant praise, intimate worship and inspiring preaching.

The church we see has a world-class music band, with its members writing songs that flow around the nation and the world. People come to encounter the presence of God in worship.

The church we see is a haven of hope, where the hurting and disenfranchised find purpose, acceptance and help.

The church we see is concerned for the poor and known for its generous giving and help towards those in need.

The church we see gives beyond the call of duty in time, energy, commitment and money.

The church we see has multiple departments committed to reaching out to our community.

The church we see is known for excellence in all it does. It has a reputation for always doing things well.

The church we see is hallmarked by mercy and humility. People of all ages, classes and cultures worship and serve God together.

The church we see equips and mentors. It sends people out to affect our city, our nation and the nations.

The church we see is constantly reaching beyond its borders. Guests are treated with honour and everyone looks out for the interests of others.

The church we see owns a large campus from which it impacts the city day in, day out. It also has additional smaller buildings in various communities across Cambridge. These are local centres serving and promoting authentic community.

The church we see has a Music & Worship Academy and a leadership training school.

The church we see partners with and influences government, education, business and commerce. Its size, excellence, integrity and actions demonstrate credibility and a willingness to make a difference.

The church we see has a leadership team pulling in the same direction. It’s an empowering leadership, hallmarked by serving and self sacrifice and committed to seeing people live great lives.